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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Day, Another Cathedral, Another Pub

Day 2 started with loads of rain and the city awash with umbrellas!  Our group engaged in a great conversation about Youth Ministry, Labib shared more challenging thoughts from his life and experiences and we took a wonderful visit to St. Paul's Cathedral.  I had been here before for worship services but had never climbed the dome so this was my chance.  It's a long way up, with narrow stairways winding around and around but it is well worth it!  There is also a no photo rule in St. Paul's but this time I cheated a bit and took this wonderful shot from the whispering gallery.  Doug and Chris are actually slightly visible on the floor if you know where to look!   They are on the right side, in the front row of the chairs that are set back from the circle.
I finally made it to the top and popped out high above the city of London.  It was a gray, rainy, gloomy day but it was still a thrill to see the city sprawling out before me.  I have to admit that I thought of Peter Pan flying across London with Wendy, John and Michael in tow!  And of course, as I was walking down the cathedral's outdoor steps, I couldn't help but hum Feed the Birds and think of Jane and Michael Banks' visit to The City with their banker father in Mary Poppins!
The rain abated enough for us to find the wonderful Blackfriars pub so we popped in for a drink and a chat with our friends from Brussels and Kenya.  Watching the pub fill with locals as the work day came to a close was enjoyable.  The metal friezes on the walls depicting scenes from a monk's life were truly lovely.  A beautifully prepared meal awaited us upon our return to church.  
Another amazing day, filled with rich conversations and wonderful sights and sounds was coming to a close.