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Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today we are celebrating my mom's 82nd birthday!  This one feels pretty special because it was 5 years ago to the day that we got word that she had ovarian cancer.  It is a miracle and a joy that she is still with us to celebrate one more year!  I am humbled and awed and feel really blessed.  She has fought hard and overcome many moments when we thought that death had her in its grip.  I admire her courage, heading back into chemotherapy this winter, after enjoying a season of remission.  It was tough.  She was sick, lost her hair, suffered from having no energy or zest for life and yet, when the results came back that the treatment was effective, she chose to continue on even though it made her feel so crummy.  Now, the numbers are very low again on her cancer markers and we are hopeful that even without more treatment, she will be able to sustain a high quality of life and enjoy many more years of life.  We are taking it a day at a time while seeking to be ever grateful for each moment we do receive.
This is a really old picture but mom looks pretty much the same and I love it!
I wish I could be home on days like today but at least I am headed out to California in a few short weeks.  Then we'll celebrate life together, ever grateful for all the days that God gives us to enjoy.
My mom is a special woman.  She has a joy that emanates from within, a real love of others and of God that is so clear from the first moment you meet her.  Most people who have known my mom think of her as a fun-loving, people-loving, God-loving gal.  And she really is all that.  She embraces people no matter their background.  She acts silly no matter her age.  She loves a good laugh.  She's a good sport and a great athlete.  You gotta love it when growing up, kids would knock on our door to see if my brother and I could come out and play baseball in the street.  Then inevitably, the kid at the door would say, "Can your mom play?  If so, we get her."  She was the first pick on every team.  If only I had half of her athletic ability...I could've been a star!  For sure, if she'd lived in this era, with her skill, she could've been a pro golfer or an Olympic softball player.  I love that about her.  If you've ever met either one of my parents, it is not so hard to see where I get my competitive instinct!'s a pleasure to think about my mom today.  It's such a gift that she's still with us.  Mom, today and every day I celebrate you!  Thanks for being who you are in this world.  You mean the world to so many people, not the least of whom is me.  I love you!