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Monday, May 21, 2012

Late Night Light Shows

One of the real treats of cruising the Baltic at this time of year is the dazzling light that the long day casts.  
About 9.30 p.m.
Every night I was out on the deck, wondering what the sky was looking like!  
A big cargo ship was floating by late one evening: I pretended it was a Russian battle ship!
Time stamp: 22.26, somewhere between Stockholm and Tallin, Estonia

I started to time stamp some of the photos which was pretty great.  
This late night was quite a dazzler with the clouds and the horizon against the sea.
Somewhere between Stockholm and Tallin.
Just a couple of minutes later.
The photos taken as we sailed from St. Petersburg are actually an hour LATER than the stamp because I forgot to set the camera clock one hour forward when we entered Russian waters.
Was actually 22.19, somewhere between St. Petersburg, Russia and
Helsinki, Finland
Time stamp says 20.58 but it is actually 21.58. Surrounded by Russian military outpost islands.
Somewhere between St. Petersburg, Russia and Helsinki, Finland
We almost saw the midnight sun.  It was just lurking beneath the horizon.
All winter long we bemoan the short days and the darkness that hovers around us.  
Time stamp says 22.15, was actually 23.15 Russian time.
Somewhere between St. Petersburg, Russia and
Helsinki, Finland
When the season of light bursts onto the scene, we love to take in every moment of daylight with which we are graced.