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Monday, October 31, 2011

Lauterbrunnen to Mürren

We had thought that our last full day in the Alps was going to be rainy and cloudy with a chance of lightening so we were pleasantly surprised when the day broke even more beautiful than the last!  It was lovely that I felt compelled to drink my coffee on the balcony even though it was a bit on the chilly side!  But what a view for enjoying your morning coffee!
We knew that the cable car up to other side of the ridge was beckoning us so off we went!  We took the train down from Wengen into Lauterbrunnen, then took the cable car up to Grütschalp.  From there took a beautiful walk along the ridge all the while staring across the valley at the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.  It took a long time for all three to finally show their face but eventually the clouds cleared and we got a good look at the 3 giants of these Alps!
What a day this turned out to be out.  Sunny, warm, beautiful!  We enjoyed wonderful conversations as we walked through this beautiful place.  We took pictures, the boys yodeled.  We ate chocolate and wondered about how so much beauty could be packed into one small country! What a fantastic way to spend our final day in the mountains.