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Monday, November 7, 2011

Fitness Humor

For ages I've been trying to get back into a decent work-out routine.  Finally, a new gym opened up one block from our house!  They were running new membership specials so we decided to jump on it realizing that if we can't get to a gym that is across the street from our house, well, it seems unlikely that we'll ever start working out again!  And today we took the plunge and made our way to our first class!  Now, the gym is really awesome and I am very pleased.  Great machines, free weights and an entire array of classes to choose from.  I hope to learn how to use some of the equipment and get much fitter in the year ahead.  But for today, we decided on the dance aerobics class.
Now, I have very athletic parents so my gene pool is pretty good.  I considered myself a decent athlete when I was younger and when the competition is just right, I can still turn it pretty well on the tennis court!  And I like a class with a leader where someone is telling me what to do.  But I have to say, had you been a fly on the wall, you might've enjoyed a pretty good laugh as I tried to get the steps right.  By the end of the class, I had about half the steps right.  I was so happy when I finally figured out the grapevine, spin, hop, spin, grapevine move!  I was very proud of myself, but suddenly the instructor added another turn and I was off once again!  Oj.  It was hilarious.  Anyway...It felt great to get out and move and learn some new Swedish words and groove to the beat...even if the beat was my own and not the same one the rest of the class was doing!