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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 2: Preparing the House...and the Heart

We host several events in our home throughout the Advent and Christmas season and thus I love to decorate our house at Christmas time.  It is fun to see how people delight in walking into our little winter wonderland here at Tegn√©rgatan 4.  We have a broad collection of decorations as I have things that date back to my childhood along with a beautiful collection of carolers that we began receiving as gifts when we were married and now of course, assorted Swedish decorations.  I love to fill the house with flowers and candles.   I actually enjoy the process of transforming our home as well.  I carefully take down the decor that graces our house for most of the year and look forward to opening the boxes that sit in our basement storage for 11 of 12 months of the year, releasing their contents into our home.  It's a special time for me when I ready our home for Christmas.  It makes me think about the ways in which I am readying my home to welcome not only assorted friends and church family members into our home, but also and perhaps most importantly, Christ as our honored guest on Christmas day.  The decorations point us to the special season that surrounds us.  But they are just decorations...outward symbols that need to lead us to an inward change as well.  So as I look at my Santas and my Nativity sets, as I tie bows and hang ornaments, as I prepare my house for Christmas, I hope too that I can prepare my heart for Christ.