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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Wengen is a carless village set in the heart of the Alps.  It is a haven for skiers and I would love to return to this place when the winter season is in full tilt.  I loved this street sign warning skiers and sledders that they could not go here!  
As we wandered through the picturesque village, we noticed that many shops had closed on the day before and were not opening again until the winter ski season going strong.  This is the season for the hard working vendors to take a break after the demanding summer season turns into the crazy winter season! The town workers use this in between season to maintain the lifts and get all of the essential winter gear ready for the season of snow.  But the bakery was open and we had a fine look at some of the top of the line clothing and gear that one can attain here.  It only takes money...unfortunately quite a bit of money!
Wengen is a darling town.  The Reformed Church anchors one end of town with its beautiful steeple and simple but appealing interior.  The town tennis courts are surrounded by the towering mountains and I found myself longing for a chance to play in this venue!  Every where you look, it's just postcard perfect.  We have received postcards from Wengen from other friends who spend the week after Christmas here every year.  Being here is definitely better!