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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trip to Gandria

The second day we walked into town and after stopping to ride the Rhino, we took a boat ride across Lake Lugano to the charming town of Gandria.  The boat ride was chilly but gorgeous as we took in the majesty of the surrounding mountains.  
Perhaps next time we come to this area, we'll stay at this charming hotel with the stay awhile balconies!
We stopped for lunch at a darling place with a balcony that overlooked the water.  The food and the view were both memorable.After a quick look around town, we decided to take the Olive Footsteps walkway back to Lugano  What a spectacular walk this is!  Has to be one of the best in Europe.  The sun was bright and warmed us up.  The views were stunning and bold at every turn.  Gorgeous gardens and lovely landscapes filled up our senses.  i wondered all day what it is about why being in a beautiful place feels so good.  I really felt the closeness to California on this day.  So much of the foliage echoed my native homeland through the combination of water, mountains, trees and plant life.