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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wengen to Lauterbrunnen

We wanted to take a leisurely hike, nothing too difficult but enough to see the surrounding area a bit better.  Our friend Richard suggested we take the down hill hike into Lauterbrunnen, the little village that sits below Wengen and then take the train back up.  Sounded good to us.  The pathway was steep the entire way down and while down doesn't require the cardio fitness of up, it is hard on your calves!  Good workout.  The autumn foliage was bursting forth all around us and the view across the way included this gushing waterfall that flows year round.  The town itself looks like an ad for promoting the wonders of Switzerland, of which there are certainly many.  The day itself was a bit cloudy so while the mountains loomed all around us, it was the autumn color that truly dazzled on this day.  The path down twisted back and forth through trees, beside a stream, and over a railroad.  Near the bottom a cute hut with a "take a break" bench beckoned us for a moment. 
We reached Lauterbrunnen and made our ways up to the falls.  That was a steep climb and tested my mettle a bit.  But it was well worth the effort as we stood just a few feet from the falling stream.  It was a slow steady flow at first and then suddenly it started to gush with much more force.  None of us were sure why.  Finally we jumped on the train at the just the right time and chugged our way back up to Wengen.  I was very pleased to be letting the train do the uphill work for me!