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Monday, October 12, 2009

Seasonal Change

We took the boat out of the water on Saturday. It was a beautiful autumn day, sun shining, leaves gleaming, water glistening. The air was crisp but not too cold. But the long days of summer are well behind us now and it was time to put the boat to bed for the winter. The process of pulling the boats out of the water is pretty cool. Every member has a winter spot and you belong to a certain team. You are assigned a time and a space and you are expected to show up and help each other out. Through the years we've gotten to know a couple of the guys on our team. We see them twice a year. In the spring when we put the boats in the water and in the fall when we take them out! But it makes for a pretty enjoyable afternoon as long as the weather isn't too soggy or cold.
The marina has these trolley type of rigs that are on railways. It pushed out into the water, you drive your boat onto it, and then they haul it out of the water. A huge crane lifts the boat off of the trolley and sets it down on your blocks. All in all a painless and slick process. The timing got off on Saturday and we were very much delayed. I actually had to leave before we pulled our boat out because we were having company Saturday evening and the day was racing away. I was sorry I didn't get a picture of the Finnmaster hanging in the air. You'll have to wait until spring to see that!
Doug is very good with these chores. I am not. I hate the work of boating and so mostly I just try to help out where I can and not complain too much. Today we went back out to the marina and wrapped the entire boat in protective plastic sheeting, hauled all the junk back to the basement and mentally prepared to spend our leisure doing other things than enjoying the Stockholm archipelago.
It was cold yesterday and today. The sea does not beckon. I guess that's a good thing since the boat is now resting on blocks rather than bobbing in the sea!The marina in the winter is not as beautiful.

Another sign that a chance of season is on the way is that the restaurants and cafes in town are all pulling in their outdoor seating. While it makes for more room on the sidewalk, it's always a bit sad for me as it's such a strong symbol that from here on out for a few months, most everything we will do will be indoors.
I took Tanner out this morning in the dark. Evening also comes quickly. We change the clock in two weeks. I'm tuning up my sunlight simulator alarm clock. Yes, there are cozy aspects of our cold, dark winter, but mostly it's a hard change of season for me.
Good thing I'm leaving for Sardinia, Italy in two days.