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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sardinia Part II: Beautiful Beaches and Great Views the weather wasn't fully cooperating but on Friday morning we decided to go have a look at these gorgeous beaches. They did not disappoint. Sugary white sand and crystal clear water beckoned. But the cloud cover and the air temperature were not encouraging a dip in the sea. We explored the coastline taking in the beauty and by midday the sun was warm and the clouds were diminishing. We decided that we'd go back to the hotel, put on our swimsuits and try to spend the afternoon in the sun. The wind was still up and once we got back to the hotel we realized that the pool deck was enclosed and warm so we spent a couple of hours lounging by the icy waters of the swimming pool. At least we got to read and nap in the warm sun and have a feeling of being on vacation in a beachy community! The evening remained clear and beautiful so we returned to the seaside to watch the setting sun dance on the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. While walking on the beach we saw a diver come up with a fresh squid. Fried calamari on a plate looks much more appealing than this critter from the sea. At that moment I wasn't so disappointed that I didn't get a chance to swim there!We decided to take a little drive before dinner and discovered an amazing view. It was such a treat to turn a corner and have this come into view.Hunger was setting in so we took off for Mama Latina's, a restaurant that had been recommended by our hotel and one of the few that was actually open.
The restaurant didn't open until 7.00 so we found a little place with a terrace overlooking a most beautiful stretch of coastline and enjoyed an aperitif while watching the setting sun. It was a wonderful time of relaxing and soaking in one of the most beautiful views I've ever seen. The golf course on this side of the island is something to behold. It was great to see it from above and Doug definitely would've enjoyed trying his luck. Cost was a bit over the top and he would've had to have rented clubs so we simply enjoyed it from afar.
Dinner at Mama Latina's did not disappoint. We split a pizza and then I indulged in Ravioli and Doug ate Fetticcine with vegetables and Parmesan. Delicioso!
This ended up being one of our favorite days. Beautiful views, warm sun, great food. Hard to ask for anything more. OK, 10-15 degrees warmer would've been great but I was thankful for the chance to enjoy clear, sunny skies and sit out in my swimsuit (even it was poolside and not on the beach) for a couple of hours!