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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sardinia Part III: Sant Antonia de Gallura

Doug had found this little country inn on the internet and it looked cozy enough. One of the draws was that it offered a half board option for very little more money. We figured, well, if we are going to be cold, we might as well have good food! This was an adorable place and again, if we’d had even a little heat the pool surroundings would’ve been a wonderful place to unwind. We took some walks and some drives. The low point however was a raging hail storm that hit on Sunday afternoon. We wondered if we’d ever be warm. At least our the heater in our room worked. Fortunately, I had brought my computer and we were able to get online here as well play DVD’s. On a whim, I had packed season 2 of the American television show, 30Rock which we find hilarious, along with two movies: Mamma Mia and Amazing Grace. We consoled ourselves on that chilly Sunday afternoon by drinking red wine and watching Mamma Mia with the heat cranked up high in our room. It wasn’t exactly sunbathing but it was very relaxing and we enjoyed the snuggly afternoon it provided for us. The 4 course meals in the evening were lovely with the pasta course being our favorite. The second night they served Panocotta for dessert and it was absolutely delicious. All in all, it was a lovely stay at the cozy inn nestled in the Sardinian mountains. It was very cold however and our little getaway to warmth was not looking good.