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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The New Backyard

Since we bought the house two years ago, each time we've come to California we've added something new to the property.  This time around it was landscaping the backyard.  I was admittedly loathe to landscape the backyard since for most of the year no one looks at it.  But at the same time, it will help with weed control and my book club had given me a tree in memory of my mom for the yard so it seemed appropriate to go ahead and spend the money.  I have to admit, between Doug's really good sense of design and the skilled hands of our landscaper, it turned out great.  The light colored rock is called Palm Springs gold and is very popular out here.  The reddish rock that borders the yard matches the stripe on the patio and is the same red we have as accent colors in the front.  We left the fire pit in the center as there's nothing quite like a live fire under the starlit sky in the desert.  Easy maintenance as well...just rake!  Perfect for not being here much.
The patio space doubles the living square footage of our house as we are out there much more than we are in the house so having a beautifully landscaped yard to look at is nice.  We put in some barrel cactus, a yucca tree, the Mexican fan palm that my book club game me as the memorial tree for my mom, and a few more lantana.  Doug also put solar yard lights in so it even looks very beautiful at night.

At this moment I am sitting on the patio looking at the yard basking in the morning sunshine.  I will miss my mornings here where the peaceful breaking of the day has been my companion over these weeks.  I remain thankful for the gift of this place, the memory of Doug's sister Debbie whose gift upon dying helped us to purchase it and the joy of knowing my mom's spirit lurks around us as well, knowing how much she loved this area.  Peace to their memories which are ever present in this lovely spot.