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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ah Spa!

One of the great things about Stockholm is the vast array of spa, massage, treatment opportunities that are available.  I watch Groupon pretty carefully as there are some great deals to be had!  At Christmas, Doug had given me an afternoon in a boutique spa and I booked it before our trip to the US for right after we arrived home and boy was that ever a great idea!  A spa afternoon is the perfect solution for jet lag and helps with the transition back to work and life in Sweden beautifully!
I am, of course, familiar with the big bath house Sturebadet, which is indeed my favorite way to spend an afternoon, but it's pricey so I only indulge when gifted with such!  This little spa was located in a former apartment that had been renovated beautifully.  Upon walking in, I immediately felt the warm coziness of a nurturing environment.  I was led into the treatment room by Tilde, the young woman who was in charge.  The room itself exuded relaxation.  Candles were lit in the fireplace, the table/bed was inviting and the whole room ushered me into an atmosphere where I could forget the outside world and allow the stress of life to simply melt away.
The afternoon included a body scrub, facial, mini manicure, mini pedicure, and eye brow management.  I really love this stuff! 
An added bonus to the day however was Tilde!  We were chatting, as you do, and she of course, asked me what I did so I told her that I was a pastor and she about jumped out of her skin!  She shared with me that she and her husband go to Hillsong church, which is a few short blocks from our house!  She shared with me how she had been adopted from Sri Lanka when she was 2 months old, how through her Confirmation experience in the Swedish church led her to begin pondering matters of faith and how some difficult circumstances a few years back led to her becoming a Christian.  Her husband shared a similar journey and they are now worshipping at Hillsong but expressed an interest in visiting Immanuel.  The international nature of our fellowship appealed to her so I hope to see her some time on a Sunday!  I was blessed to meet another Christian in the Swedish marketplace!  It is so rare.
An added bonus was getting a text from her that stated what a blessing it was for her to also meet me!  So my afternoon at the spa turned out to be a blessing for my body, mind and spirit!
By the way, this place is great and Tilde is a wonderful spa provider. Check out her website here and if you are in Stockholm, I absolutely recommend this place to you!  I hope to return time and again.