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Monday, March 17, 2014

Second Sunday in Lent

A full week of gratitude is behind me.  Here are my reflections from the past week:

Monday, March 10
My's his birthday!
Relaxing spa afternoon
That the girl giving me the treatments today was a young Christian!

Tuesday, March 11
Beautiful, clean, safe city in which I enjoy walking my dog
Material comfort
Meaningful job

Wed. March 12
That God is in charge (visited Dinara today, a single mother who is dying from cancer...such a sad and complex situation.)
That I enjoy teaching and got to do it today with an eager group of adult learners.
My house cleaner and that I can afford that luxury.

Thurs. March 13
Collaborative ministry
Great Board
Good health

Fri. March 14
Warm memories of my grandmother whose bday was today.
Ability to think and write.
God's word that comes fresh over and over again.

Sat. March 15
Thankful my father is home safely after his back failing him while in Las Vegas.
Thankful my sermon is ready for tomorrow.
Thankful for good friends to share a film with tonight.

Sunday March 16
For resources which allows us to enjoy life.
For our church which I always look forward to being a part of.
Warm clothes and home to fight the chill.

I guess I'm wondering if I have to come up with completely new things to be thankful for each day! Sometimes the best thing is to cultivate a spirit of gratitude for the ways in which life is truly satisfying.  I saw this sign on Facebook and it seemed to fit with what I'm trying to be about:

The consistent features in my life for which I am truly grateful include my husband, my family, my friends, my church, my life privileges (food, house, shelter, money, etc.).  I suppose these are also the things that I can often overlook and so it is good to remember, on a daily basis, that these "ordinary things" are far from ordinary...they are truly treasures in a life that is filled with abundance.  Blessings on the next 30 days of your Lenten Journey.