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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yale Alley Cats in Stockholm

Yesterday we were invited to the residence of the U.S. Ambassador to hear a concert by the Yale Alley Cats, one of the all male A cappella groups from Yale University. These types of groups have a long and storied tradition in America and it's great to see them when they pass through Stockholm on one of their tours. The last group that was here were the Whiffenpoofs of Yale and that was 4 years ago. Because Immanuel Church's main sanctuary is such a great venue for concerts, we are often asked to host a community concert by these groups. We are happy to accommodate these types of requests and so if you are in Stockholm next Thursday, 20 May, feel free to come by Immanuel for the concert which will begin at 19.00. And the reason that we were invited to attend this more intimate gathering at the ambassador's residence is because we are hosting the concert. Being nice has its perks!
It's always fun to go to the residence and it was great to see how the new ambassador (arrived last August) and his wife have changed the decor. It looks great! Right now, an exhibit of American art is displayed throughout their home. We loved the giant portrait of President Obama that was gracing one of the living room walls! I was especially impressed by an enviable terrace that looked so inviting. I could only imagine how much time I might spend out there if I lived in that house! Meeting the young university students was also very fun. They had just finished finals, flew across the Atlantic ocean, arrived in Stockholm that morning and were greeting guests and performing songs like old pros. They are very talented, funny, and warm young men and it was great to get an up close and personal look at them!
The afternoon was also fun because we were off work and the sun was shining and even exuding warmth. We ended up walking home along the waterfront of Stockholm in the company of a good friend. It was such a great afternoon. Experiences like these cause me to realize how unique and special our life in Stockholm can be. We do get to do some pretty amazing things and I feel grateful for the ways in my life is enhanced through these various experiences.