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Monday, May 10, 2010

Kungsträdgården and the Cherry Blossoms

As soon as winter begins to wane and signs of spring slowly begin to appear around Stockholm, the local buzz turns to the cherry blossoms in Kungsträdgården. Located in central Stockholm, this row of trees creates one of spring's most treasured dazzling sights. As mentioned in a previous blog, we wandered through there a week ago. Some of the blooms were out but many were pregnant buds just waiting for enough warmth to jump out. I had heard from others that the trees were finally in full bloom and have been pondering when I could get down there during a time when the rest of Stockholm isn't to soak it all in! Once the trees bloom, day after day, the steps and the benches that surround the area are filled with happy people who want to surround themselves with such natural and fragrant beauty. The weather has also been quite un-inviting with the climate more reminiscent of November than May. But this morning I woke up early to a bright blue sky and knew that if I didn't get Tanner and myself out the door for an early walk, I would regret it. The forecast for the rest of the week is for more of the grim and after a few good rain storms and plenty of wind, the blossoms disappear for another year.It was gorgeous this morning. Bright sky, and the sun was even warm. The city was just waking up and Tanner was happily sniffing out the new day.
Arriving in Kungsträdgården after about 10 minutes did not disappoint. Very few people were in the square and those that were had cameras, just like me! The carnival of pink that was bursting forth in the middle of an urban area made my heart sing. I began to snap photos while Tanner searched for food and trash! I had to laugh. He didn't care one bit about the blossoms...I was feasting on the beauty around me while he was feasting on the trash that was left behind from yesterday's visitors!After snapping away and taking it all in, I began my walk back home. The sun was warm and I actually slightly over dressed in a long sleeve shirt, sweater and down vest. I'm anxious for sustained warmth to hover over Stockholm. But at least I know that once the cherry trees have bloomed, in a way, we've officially entered the beautiful season here in Stockholm. Let's hope the sun agrees with that philosophy and decides to take long, warm holiday here in Stockholm this summer.
All of the photos on the blog today were taken this morning around 7.30 a.m.