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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

At Last, Spring...sort of.

We've had plenty of sunshine but not so much warmth. The flowers, trees, grass and bushes are trying to spring forth with life but it's a slow bloom this year. It does happen rather quickly however when it happens.
On Monday we walked through the city center. I had heard that the cherry blossoms in Kungsträdgården were out and experiencing that is one my of favorite things to do in the spring here in Stockholm. As you can see, they were trying like crazy to pop, but they just weren't quite there. I did hear from someone yesterday that they are now in full bloom. Guess I'll have to walk down there later today!
Also, the tulips are standing tall but not quite out in all of their glorious beauty. The daffodils however have popped open in all of their golden glory! I love the daffodil as to me, it appears as though they are great golden horns announcing to the world that spring is finally here! It's Spring! It's Spring! Let's celebrate in a loud and festive way!I went to a lunch yesterday on the Kaknästornet, a very large TV tower out near the island of Djurgården. This photo is not mine. I took it off of a website. It also wasn't that clear yesterday!
It has spectacular views and good food. I must remember that this is a really good place for a fika and get out there. It is stunning to see the world from far above. My photos aren't so great. The glass reflection against a sunny background wasn't such a great combination for my amateur photography. But even high above the city I began to see that things had "greened up" since Monday. I love how fast it turns, once it decides to turn. More flowers were in bloom, tress were waking up, and all in all, I felt like spring had sprung. But alas, on my evening walk with Doug and Tanner I also realized that there are still pockets around the city where the trees still look quite barren and the flowers need to be kissed a bit longer by the warmth of the sun in order to open up. But let's face it, who doesn't need to kissed a bit longer sometimes?And it's cold outside! I felt like I could've worn gloves on our walk and I was happy for the layers of a sweater, scarf and reasonably warm jacket. At least my winter coat is in the closet and I haven't had to wear boots for a very long time!
This time of year makes walking the dog quite a treat as you wander through the city looking to see what new life has come into being on any given day. You don't want to miss a day as so much is metamorphosing right this very minute. I couldn't resist this little planter with a friendly reminder to canine owners! Tanner likes "watering" the flowers so I guess it's a note that is necessary!The fact that it's written in English makes me wonder if they are directing their comments to us?! Actually, I know the owner of the restaurant and he speaks English all the time, but it's still kind of funny given that we speak English to Tanner!
It's beautiful and lovely even though it's still chilly. I know we'll get some rain, but for now, in spite of the chill, I'm thankful for the sunshine and all the blooms that surround me.