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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love the Stockholm Archipelago

We've had an unusually wonderful string of warm, sunny, summer-like days here in the latter part of May. It's always such a pleasure when the high pressure comes in and you can enjoy being out without freezing! It's funny how often I've wondered if this early warm weather is a sign of things to come or the sum total of what summer will bring in terms of warmth. I hope the former...I fear the latter.
But, rather than moan about the bad weather that could come our way, I think I'll concentrate on the wonderful ways in which we've been able to enjoy this early glimpse of summer. A couple of Saturdays ago, I read that the forecast was for a reasonably warm (20 C, 70 F) day so I put out a call to some friends for how to enjoy it. I hit the jackpot with the response. Some friends with a boat talked to some friends with a home on one of the islands in the archipelago and Voilà, instant amazing plans unfolded for us! We met up with our friends and their boat and headed out into the amazing Stockholm archipelago.
A quick stop for boat fuel and human fuel got us going! Olle and Doug sat on the roof of the boat for awhile and Olle showed his multi-dimensional skills by steering the boat with his foot! Tanner loves to come along and was one happy dog. Time for a snooze says the hund.It was warm enough to sit out for a bit. It was warm enough to wear shorts! It was stunningly beautiful and it felt great to be on the water again.
Not all stugas (summer cottages) are created equal. Here are a couple of homes by the sea that I would like to inhabit.We arrived a our friends' place and enjoyed one of those magical summer days that refresh and renew one's spirit.The view of their island paradise from the water.Our wonderful island hosts, Kjell and Mare.Hanging in the sunshine with a glass for champagne with our buddies. How could it get better?
We toasted with champagne, we feasted on a delicious assortment of food, including the first grilled food of the season. I missed taking a photograph of the lovely little raspberry tart type things that Judy made for dessert. Wow. Delicious. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Yes, I ate more than one.
We enjoyed one another's company and took in the beauty that surrounded us in this archipelago paradise.The view from the deck where we feasted on food and conversation.These views are behind the house. Those chairs beckon me to come and read a few books while lounging in that spot!
As the day was coming to a close, we boarded the boat for our journey back to Stockholm. Even in the evening, it wasn't all that chilly. I love being out on the water late in the evening. The sunsets and colors that emerge all around are breathtaking.While getting the boat settled in at the dock we spotted this mother duck with her brood of little guys. They were adorable. They had to scurry like mad to keep up with mom and several of them decided to hop aboard for smoother sailing!This day was a wonderful day that was filled with the joy of being with good friends while being surrounded by the beauty that Stockholm brings to our life. I really hope this is a sign of the kind of the summer that awaits us and not a small tease that will leave me longing for heat all summer long!