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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Barcelona Trifecta: Architecture, Food and Views

After the stunning visit to La Sagrada Familia, we headed to Park Güell for some fantastic views and a taste of Gaudí in the great outdoors. We were thankful for the escalators that took us up to the park as this gorgeous place sits high above the city. The Park itself is free and a welcome respite from the urban environs of Barcelona, and Gaudí's creative spirit in the landscaping was a joy to witness. The views of the city that sprawled from every vantage point were a total bonus. We entered on the upper side of the park and wandered down to the main entrance point and were glad we did. The climb up would've been very challenging. It was much more fun wandering down!
After a day of soaking in these amazing sites we spent the later afternoon on our rooftop terrace, enjoying a glass of wine and watching the sun come down. The warmth of this late October afternoon was such a bonus. We were ready for some adventurous eating so we headed to a neighborhood recommended by a friend where you could find Pintxos, a variety of small appetizers creatively put together to dazzle the palette! The street is Carrer de Blai and every restaurant in this neighborhood had lots on offer. We found our favorite to be Pintxos J. Loved the staff and the variety of pintxos on offer were delicious. 
A perfect combo: Sangria or beer and pintxos!
It's a great way to eat in Barcelona!
By this time I was truly describing Barcelona as a feast in every possible way...sight, sounds, is truly a city that has it all.