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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Beautiful Barcelona

I suppose it's appropriate that I am taking time to finally write about our trip to Barcelona on the day of the first snow in Stockholm! Hard to imagine that just 2 weeks ago we landed in a tropical paradise on the sea and spent the weekend in shorts and t-shirts! 
It took us 16 years to finally get to Barcelona. I'm not sure why as this is one fantastic city! Everything about Barcelona is dazzling and we enjoyed every minute. We enjoyed a 360° rooftop terrace at our hotel and were within walking distance of many sights. Barcelona is a fantastic strolling city so we spent the first full day there wandering through the Gothic Barrio. But we'd heard some amazing stories about the markets and one of the biggest and best was a mere stone's throw from our hotel so we started our day there. It did not disappoint. If anything, it was sensate overload! I began my day with this beautiful fruit cup! After sampling a few other delicious treats we headed out on our walkabout. 
The Gothic Barrio is gorgeous, filled with tiny lanes and dazzling architecture.
The big Gothic church in the neighborhood, The Church of Santa Maria, is a classic example of Gothic architecture. While not the most famous church in town, this one was a joy to encounter. Another wonderful street was the Carrer del Bisbe with its gothic arches and gorgeous bridge. I have many more photos of our beautiful walk but you really should consider spending half a day wandering around this great neighborhood in order to get the most out of the spectacular things to look at.
Our walk ended on the famed La Rambla and given that we were there to celebrate my birthday, we decided to stop and have a celebratory sangria. When the waiter asked me if I'd like to try a white sangria, the one made with Champagne, it was not hard to say yes. This is indeed the largest drink I've ever had! We enjoyed taking our time sipping this treat while watching the world go by on Barcelona's most famous street.
The day ended with meeting up with our friends and colleagues from the Frankfurt International church who just happened to be there at the same as us! We discovered our proximity to one another through Facebook. Given that they are now leaving Europe to move back to the US, it was rather serendipitous that we could enjoy one last meal and evening together. 
All in all, it was a fantastic first day that served to whet our appetite for the days to come.