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Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Lovely Lunch

Yesterday I was treated to a delightful lunch with a young woman from church whose adorable baby we baptized a couple of weeks ago. The weather in Stockholm has been the typically dreadful November blah with loads of gray sky, no sunshine, and wet, icky conditions. It has not been particularly cold and we've nary seen a snowflake, which would actually brighten things up a bit. So when she suggested we head to Ulriksdal Slott Tradgård café, I was thrilled. I had only been here one other time and was eager to try it again. In order to get to the café, you have to walk through their nursery and greenhouse, which is loaded with gorgeous plants and lit with bright, sunlight simulating light! My senses were awakened in this garden of Eden-like place!
The lunch buffet itself is gorgeous. All vegetarian, all organic, you can eat to your heart's delight with minimal guilt! Deliciously prepared salads, veggie dishes, pasta rolls, thick and creamy carrot soup, and homemade breads were all on offer and I enjoyed every last taste!
The company was delightful as well. Little Henrik slept most of the time until near the end of our time when he woke up, curious to take in all that happening around him!
It was indeed a lovely lunch and a great way to brighten the dreary landscape that surrounds us right now. Thank you Julie! I would totally recommend a visit to Ulriksdal Slott Café if for no other reason than to simply bask in the beauty of the floral displays. But it would be a shame to miss the café so take time to eat something as well!