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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Welcome to Sweden

Tonight, July 10, 2014, a new show airs in the U.S. called Welcome to Sweden. The premise is that an American Guy with a Swedish girlfriend moves to Stockholm and what ensues are all kinds of cultural clashes and amusing situations.
Here we are, in 1998, shortly after we moved to Sweden!
Who would've guessed then that these two crazy "kids" would spend 16+ years of their life here!!!
The show aired in Sweden last year and Doug and I watched every episode, laughing hysterically at the situations described. We wondered how an American audience would receive this, given that so much of the humor required living here and experiencing all that Greg Pohler experienced when he first moved to Sweden with his girlfriend and later depicted it in a sitcom!
Of course, the stereo-typing is obvious but even so, we had to pause at times because we were on the floor laughing or rewind to watch a scene twice due to the reality depicted in the TV show! Some of it hit quite close to home!, a lot of our friends, who have either lived here or have some close affinity to Sweden, are posed and ready to watch tonight on NBC at 9.00/8.00 central time. 
We are very curious about the US re-action so while the show airs, I'd like to have a running commentary on what you as viewers outside of Sweden thought was funny or confusing. I'd like to hear on this blog post in the comments section, your reactions to this show.
Since we are ahead of the US in time, it will be Friday morning before I see the reactions. I will re-watch the show through the wonders of a slingbox and comment on your comments!
Let's use this opportunity for a wonderful, while tongue in cheek perhaps, look at what it means to live another country! I will share my thoughts within a day of the show airing and tell you what I resonated with as someone who lived this sitcom in real life! It will be a great opportunity for us to engage in a cultural exchange!
I'm fascinated by Americans who want to live in Sweden. After having lived here for 16 years, there's not much fantasy about it, even if there are things that I find completely wonderful. But I am interested in what drives that desire to live here...and how watching this over the top, stereo-typical sitcom yet still has some truth in it sitcom either encourages that desire or causes you to wonder.
I look forward to the conversation!
I really do hope you enjoy Welcome to Sweden! I look forward to seeing it again!