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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summery, Finally

Stockholm is having one of "those" summer...the bad kind. Lots of clouds, lots of rain, not much warmth or sunshine. It hasn't bothered me much since I spent June in Palm Springs with sunshine and heat every single day! But even in the few days that I've been back, I can feel how this bad weather is wearing on people's nerves and psyches!
Today started as a beautiful sunshiney day and the promise of a lasting summer day was lurking. This afternoon at about 4.00 p.m. a huge clap of thunder struck followed by a full-blown down pour.  I had made plans to meet some friends at a waterfront diner so wondered what all that would look like. But lo and behold, by 5.30 when I headed out, it was clearing again and a measure of warmth was re-entering the atmosphere. 
We ended up at Lily's Burgers, a delightful little place on Kungsholmen where they make a real deal American hamburger and peanut chocolate milkshakes. It was pure indulgence but a tasty one at that. The conversation and company were wonderful and the landscape kept getting prettier and prettier.
We walked along the newly beautified waterfront, admiring the high setting sun and beautiful condos that now line the strand. We stopped to relax on this odd shaped concrete wall-like thing that we found strangely comfortable. Three adult women relaxing in the prone position gave way to much laughter and relaxation. All of us have had a bit of stress in the past few weeks so a good chuckle was medicine for the soul! It's fun to act like children now and again.
We finished our walk next to this area with little country-like stugas and gardens. Hard to believe we were in the city this entire time.
That's the magic of Stockholm...gorgeous city surrounded by fantastically beautiful water views and nature.
It was warm and light and relaxing. Felt like summer...for the first time this year.