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Thursday, June 6, 2013

My First Big Outing

10 days into my recovery and all is going very well.  Pain is minimal.  Some discomfort remains but each new day brings more and more healing.  What wondrous creations our bodies are!
I've been able to take some small walks around our neighborhood and I'm so thankful for that.  The flowers that are blooming right now are oh so spectacular.
Today is Swedish National Day so it's a public holiday here.  It wasn't a holiday until recently and Swedes still don't really know what to do with this day.  They never had to win independence from anyone.  They embody their culture more fully on the upcoming midsommar holiday, celebrating the long light of summer.  But they are always happy for a holiday so we are happy to join them in a day off work!
Today was picture perfect, the kind of weather that you dream about all winter long.  When it gets like this in Stockholm there is just no better place on earth.  So Doug asked me how I felt about venturing out on the boat and I said I was game.  My short outings had gone well, the boat seats are cushioned, and I thought it would be just wonderful to get out.  We called our friend Jen to enjoy the day with us and give a hand with the dog and the lifting as those are both no-no activities for me for another 5 weeks.
Boy am I glad we ventured out!  The water was still, the sky without a cloud, the sun warm and refreshing.  We headed south to our new favorite little spot, the Artipelag.  Free boat slips, great walking paths, most beautiful café in Sweden, easy swimming access, beautiful bathrooms and loads of sunshine.  What is there not to love?!  I was nervous that the bouncing and jostling might be a bit much but it was such a great smooth ride.  Tanner and I hunkered onto the back seat and allowed the lull of the motor to bring on a restful nap.
A wonderful place to recuperate!
 It felt so wonderful to get out!  Once there, we took a nice walk, used the beautiful bathrooms and found a nice seaside rock to enjoy our time.
Gorgeous outdoor café
Tanner was in and out of the water constantly.  Doug and Jen swam.  I could only put my feet in.
Our view for the afternoon
No swimming for 2 more weeks.  We munched on trail mix, pita chips and hummus, and cherries.  Yum.  Taste of summer was starting!  At 5.30 pm we began our trek back to our harbor.  It remained hot and sunny the entire ride.  We arrived at 6.30 pm and daylight was still burning brightly.  On another day we might've stayed out all evening, packing dinner, grilling on the seaside, but for today, this afternoon outing was enough.  Tanner is now shattered here at home, dead asleep on the floor.  I am a little sunburned and pretty worn out.  Doug is happy to be resting at home as well.  It was a perfect day and the perfect big first outing for me.  I hope the rest of the summer proves to be this amazing.