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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An Enchanted Evening

We are enjoying the incredible generosity of our dear friends, Kjell (pronounced shell) and Marilyn, who offered us the use of their amazing island home for the week ahead.  We've been out here before, twice overnight, but this is the first time we'll spend several days in a row out here. The island is called Mefjärd and is about a 3 hour boat ride, in our boat, from our marina in Stockholm. The ride takes us out into the more wild area of the archipelago and it feels so wonderful to be so far away from the noise of the city. Your senses are filled with the surrounding sea, the gorgeous islands, and the vast sky that envelopes you.
The main house where we will stay is perched on a hill that sits above the boat dock. It's quite unique in that the island is long and skinny so there are views of the water from both the front and the back of the house. Doug was a champion, hauling all of the goods up from the boat as I am still in the phase of healing where lifting is a big no no. We had to bring all of our food out for the week as there are no stores nearby. He was happy to have it done and soon we were relaxing on the deck taking in the long, warm sunny evening.
I was absolutely smitten by the dazzling evening that the archipelago provided for us on our first night here.  Doug and Tanner went swimming but I wasn't quite brave enough to venture into the chilly waters. Doug grilled steaks and we enjoyed a lovely meal on the deck. It was well after 9.00 p.m. by the time we finished up.  The evening continued to impress the later it got. On our left was the incredible “super moon”, hanging low in the sky, a huge orange ball of light casting a street of gold on the water's surface that looked fake.  To our right was the calming sea, with the barely setting sun dipping just below the horizon creating the most wondrous palette of color and beauty.  It was well after midnight when I could finally fall into bed and let these views go.
I awoke at 7.00 to a bright, calm sunny morning.  The sea was absolute glass, with a lone boat creating a lovely ripple in its wake.  A day in the sun awaits us. Even Tanner has taken on the calm beauty of the archipelago.