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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Glad Midsommar i Sverige, Igen

That's, "Another Happy Midsommar in Sweden" for those of you not well-versed in the language of my current home land.  This year topped them all in the weather department.  Warm and sunny with no rain, that is almost unprecedented!  And the presence of the "super moon" on one side of the night sky with the setting sun on the other side of the sky on the summer solstice made it a spectacularly beautiful day and night!
The wonderful stuga in Mellösa that has become our midsummer destination for several years has had a makeover and we are the lucky one who get to use it.  For years, we slept in the "guest house" under a table, amidst hundreds of books so now that it is fancy schmancy, we feel we've earned the right to reside therein!  
Hosts Hannah and Sven continue to dazzle us year after year with their amazing hospitality and joyous spirit.  The food and drink and singing and laughter filled our hearts with joy once again.  The always raucous National Anthem round inspired many with renditions from Sweden, Ghana, England, the USA, Japan and the Netherlands.  The 3.5 Americans did the red, white and blue proud, me thinks.
I only observed the dancing around the may pole this year but fashioned a midsommar krans (midsummer wreath) with my own hands and enjoyed feeling typically svensk.  Tanner even got in on the action.  He was one happy hund joining old friends Sven and Bell in a weekend of running, playing and swimming.  I don't think I've ever seen him so exhausted.  
I took my first post-op swim and enjoyed every minute of it.  Water was even reasonably comfortable although I had to beg off the after dinner swim.  Didn't want to push my luck too much. We sat for a long time enjoying the lovely, long evening.  
Doug and I took a midnight stroll to take in the evening beauty.
time stamp should say 12.09
The moon combined with the slightly fading light of the summer solstice were just breathtaking to behold.  We sat on the dock and enjoyed a quiet moment together.  The sun had set on another midsummer eve in Sweden...but just barely.  (Note, the time stamps on the photos are one hour later than it actually was...)