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Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday 2012

It was fun being in the US for the Super Bowl: The Big Kahuna of American Football.  Usually we are relegated to either staying up all night trying to watch a game live or waking up early the next morning, staying off the internet and watching the game after the fact.  It's OK and we've certainly gotten used to that rhythm, but it is admittedly more fun to watch the game when everyone else is doing the same!  I wasn't too interested in the teams in this year's game as I was hoping that either the Green Bay Packers or the San Francisco Forty-niners would've made it to the championship game.  But I do not like the New England Patriots (sorry, I just don't cheer for East Coast teams and Patriot fans are pretty obnoxious) and so I was more against the Patriots than for the Giants.  Mostly I was hoping for a good game.  An additional bonus of watching the game in the US is that you get to see the famed Super Bowl commercials.  In Sweden, they don't show the US commercials so you have these long periods of dead time or worse yet, Swedish commentators talking about the game!  All in all it was a fun afternoon.  My mom made this amazing prime rib that we sliced thin and made into delicious sandwiches.  We also had pizza rolls, chips and salsa and guacamole, veggies and dip, and Lays potato chips: A junk food fest fit for an American king and queen!  The game was great and the commercials were winners.  I loved the Pepsi commercial starring Elton John, Brown M&M's the dog getting back into shape, and the reprise of Ferris Bueller.  Click on the links to view the commercials.
The game did not disappoint either.  From the opening play in which a bizarre and utterly unlikely safety occurred until the final play when New England could've won on a hail Mary, it was good fun to sit and add my comments to the ever flowing commentary that my family likes to engage in!  Good job Giants!  Your win made my Facebook News Feed much easier to swallow!