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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Final Celebration

We really had a great time on Doug's birthday.  Hotel stay, delicious dinner, and a round of golf.  We arrived home from our lovely golf outing and proceeded to enjoy an evening soak in the jacuzzi.  There are two times of day in desert that are quite breathtaking...dawn and dusk.  The palette of color that bursts forth during these special moments as day is beginning and day is ending are soothing to the soul.  After the wonderful soak in the hot tub, we enjoyed a junk food dinner from our favorite Mexican fast food place.  For dessert, as a joke, my dad stuck a candle in the leftover dessert from Ruth's Chris and we enjoyed a good laugh together.  Eventually, my parents surprised Doug with a gorgeous piece of carrot cake that all 4 of us enjoyed!  We sang in English and Swedish and I do believe that Doug felt celebrated.  We all affirmed how thankful we are that he was born and that we feel so blessed to have him in our family.
I feel very lucky to have Doug as my husband.  He is a thoughtful, wise, funny, caring individual and I am amazed that God saw it fit for him to be my life partner.  I love him dearly and feel incredibly blessed to share my life journey with him.
The day would've been absolutely perfect if we could have figured out a way to beat my parents in cribbage but they are just too tough for us.  Happy Birthday anyway sweetheart.  I hope you enjoyed these days of celebration!