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Thursday, January 26, 2012


I had an 8 hour layover in Chicago on my way to Minneapolis when I flew to the US last week so I decided to rent a car and see some friends to help make the time go by more quickly.  The one friend that I was seeing works close to where we lived before we moved to Sweden so I decided to take a wander down our old street just to experience a taste of our former life.  Our neighbors still live in the same house they did when we lived there so we knew that they had torn down our house, but even so, when I pulled into our old driveway and saw the empty lot, it kind of took my breath away.  It's a little weird when an entire part of your history is gone.  Still, the memories of our time in that house and neighborhood are warm and inviting.  Our neighbors remain close friends whose kids are all grown up now but we treasure those years of living next door to one another.
Funny enough, the mailbox was still standing and I was pleased that I still remembered the address!  The entire area has changed tremendously with retail outlets everywhere.  But it has been 13.5 years since we lived there so I guess the old adage that life goes on truly fits.