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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Memorable Evening with Memorable Friends

Friday night we were treated to a very special evening.  Last autumn, on the occasion of my 50th birthday, our dear friends, Hannah and Sven (of midsommar fame for you regular readers) promised me a dinner out.  We finally found a day when we could all go! It was a gorgeous, sunny evening in our fair city of Stockholm and we began the memorable evening by sharing champagne on their terrace which happens to overlook central Stockholm. 
Hannah and Sven and us have been friends almost from the very beginning of our life in Stockholm. We were invited to their home for dinner shortly after our arrival and it did not take long to find incredible resonance as friends on many topics.  Hannah and Doug think alike on almost everything and most of the time it is quite charming and funny.  Only occasionally is it annoying, like when you are trying to get another point of view across!  Hannah and Sven are warm, generous, thoughtful, fun, beautiful people and we count them among our closest friends.
After drinks of the terrace we ventured down to the Opera House where we were seated in the beautiful, old Opera Bar. This place has been around for a very long time and the waiters all wear white coats and the interior is beautifully decorated and appointed.  I decided to go for a very Swedish meal so I ordered crayfish on toast as a starter and then one of my favorites, Beef Rydberg.  Beef Rydberg is beef tenderloin, cut into beautiful small pieces cooked to a perfect medium rare accompanied by diced fried potatoes, sauteed onions and an egg yolk.  Delicious.  For dessert I ordered a King Oscar II meringue butter cake.  It too was simply divine.  To say I overate would be a ridiculous understatement.  I was so full by the time dessert came that I forget to take a photo of the lovely last course!
We truly dined.  The courses were beautifully presented and wonderfully tasty.  The red wine was absolutely lovely...a South African Shiraz Pinotage with a name like Goats in the Village of something silly like that!  The company was divine and all in all, we were treated like royalty.  What a special treat to be taken to such a delightful restaurant.  To share the evening in the company of good friends made it even more amazing.  Thank you dear friends, for yet another fantastic, memorable time with you.