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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday in the Park

We woke up to a beautiful Saturday.  Bright sunny skies combined with the large snowfall that had fallen on the city made for an unforgettable Central Park. We decided that a carriage ride through this fantastic place was in order.  So we walked the two blocks from our hotel to the Park and found a horse and driver! Our driver was awesome and helped us enjoy the entire experience.  Sharing this experience with our good friends Tom and Deb created a superb memory.
Highlights included watching the locals playing in the park with their kids and dogs!  People were jogging and walking and the whole scene was alive with life.  It is hard to believe that you are in the heart of one of the most urban areas in the USA when rolling through Central Park in a horse drawn carriage.

 My favorite stop was the "Friends" fountain...the fountain where the opening shots of the television show Friends was shot.  Of course, instead of flowing with water, it was covered in snow.  My buddy Deb and I celebrated our friendship at this iconic spot! 
What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon in New York!  My senses were delighted by the beauty that surrounded me and the warmth of our long time friendship with Tom and Deb filled me with inexpressible joy.