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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crusin' to Mexico

We landed in California on Friday evening, again missing all delayed airport weather because of snow, and re-packed our bags as we were leaving for the port of  Los Angeles the next morning to cruise down to Mexico.  We had a gorgeous afternoon and sail away and we were all so excited to share in this wonderful vacation together. My parents had given us this trip for my 50th birthday (I know, turning 50 has proven to be quite a lucrative experience for me!) and we had the added bonus of my mom being healthy.  Just last week she received the news that the cancer is virtually gone and at the present moment she is showing no sign of ill health! 
The first toast was to life and love and hope filled the air!
We praise God for this amazing miracle and that news set the tone for a great week of relaxing and enjoying the beautiful Sapphire Princess all week long.