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Monday, January 24, 2011

Color and Cut

As you may recall, I got a brand new "do" in October when I was in California.  I have not cut my hair since and finally today I ventured to a new salon for cut and color courtesy of a Groupon coupon.  In case you don't know what Groupon is, it's a group coupon available on the internet for the city you live in.  If enough people buy the daily deal, you get it for a really great price.  I took a chance on a hair deal because haircuts and color are quite expensive here and overall, I was pleasantly pleased.
The shop was near my house: devita  They double as a clinic where you can do other kinds of "beauty" repair.  I was happy to stay with the cut and color.  Putting dye on my hair is one thing.  Shooting botox into my lips is an entirely unnecessary and unwanted "beauty upgrade."  Upon arrival, the hairdresser met and welcomed me.  I removed my boots, put on some slippers that were provided and entered a warm environment with lit candles and nice music.  She offered me a coffee or a tea and then we talked hair.  I showed her photos of the October cut, explained the color I like, and off she went to mix the magical potions that would cover my gray hair!
The hairdresser was a young woman named Emma who surprisingly, didn't speak much English.  I feel confident about my Swedish but when it comes to haircuts I don't like to take chances.  "Not too short" can easily come out "cut it all off".  But then again, I am sporting short hair now and I had the photographs so it was good practice.  Emma had gone to a special high school to learn how to do hair and then had worked at a vocational hair salon.  She grew up in Dalarna, a bit north of here so living in the big city of Stockholm was a new experience.  She asked what I did for a living, I explained about Immanuel Church and then we proceeded to talk a bit the fact that she doesn't go to church or even really think about.  When I said that about 400 people came on Sundays she could hardly believe.  I told her it was just down the street.  I doubt I'll see her, but you never know.
She was dressed in a white lab coat and her hair was a distinctive two tones:  Black and platinum.  It was long and she had it fixed in a nice way.  Midway through the foiling I noticed that her black and white scarf had skull and crossbones on it as a motif.  Then I saw that her giant dangling earrings were also skulls.  I kind of chuckled because when I see these things in a shop, I think to myself, now who would ever buy or wear that?  Well, I guess my young, hip hairdresser would. I guess she works with skulls all day so maybe it fit better than I originally thought.  The thing about it was that it didn't even look that strange!  The scarf was tied in a cute knot and the earrings somehow fit her!  I also noticed a giant rose tattoo that covered most of her right arm.  She was a bit of an icon of how many young folks are choosing to accessorize themselves these days.
She did a good job even if the cut is a bit on the short side.  Peter Pan is not far from my mind.  The color is really nice and considering the blue and orange coloring she was putting it on it, I'm happy I don't look like Lucille Ball!
     I walked out feeling refreshed, a bit pampered.  Getting your skull massaged is a really nice experience.  The fact that the woman massaging my skull was also wearing skulls on her ears just made me smile.  She was as sweet as the day is long which just goes to show you that skulls and crossbones are not always symbols of gloom and doom.  I wonder why she chose that motif today.  It doesn't really matter.  I enjoyed my Groupon salon experience and am happy that the gray is least for a couple more months!  An extra bonus was how light I noticed it was at 3.15 pm.  The days are truly getting longer every day.  Now, I hope the my hair follows suit.