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Friday, January 28, 2011

Eating in New York Part I: Carnegie Deli

Our hotel is located across the street from Carnegie Hall and we knew the famed deli has to be close.  It was about a 3 minute walk!  Once we shook off the initial shocks of our awful travel day, we wanted something to eat but didn't have the strength to venture to a restaurant.  We had heard about this deli, and over and over again, were told: Only order 1 sandwich.  They are huge.  As we asked our doorman for directions, he echoed the sentiment...split one or you will be eating it until Thanksgiving! 
The snow here is amazing.  It's actually hard to walk on the sidewalks and to get across the street is a real adventure.  It's kind of fun in its own right, but I'm very happy I have my snow boots with me!
We arrived at the Deli and saw a totally different place than we expected. It's just kind of a small, unassuming place with loads of photos of celebrities dotting the wall and an amazing array of sandwiches from which to choose.  We decided to go with pastrami on rye...this is New York after all!  We were wondering what to order with it when the most beautiful bowl of onion rings came passing under our noses.  Doug looked at the guy and said, "Uh, we'll take one of those too!"  Within 5 minutes we had successfully gotten our first take out order in New York and were happily heading back to our hotel to sate our hungry bodies.  It was fun watching American TV noting with amazement how many commercials are laced throughout the shows. 
As we prepared our indoor picnic we were amazed at the amount of food that we had acquired.  The sandwich must've weighed 10 pounds!  The onion rings were sweet and tender and some of the best I've never had.  Of course, the giant dill pickle and a side of cold slaw completed our first New York Food Experience!
 Bed beckoned at it was about 3.00 a.m. on our body clocks when we finally fell into bed.  Doug says a maintenance guy came by to adjust the heat.  He claims I spoke with him.  I have zero recollection of that encounter!  Here's hoping that today will be a magical day in the big Apple.