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Monday, December 27, 2010

Thursday, December 23

There was very little time to update the blog over the big Christmas weekend so now I will try to recreate in digital form the wondrous days we shared with one another and with our church.  Thursday morning found both of us sitting with our computers, Doug working on his sermon for the day after Christmas, me finishing up Christmas Eve.  It was kind of a funny sight and a real picture of this day and age.  We laughed about how we could never share a computer and marveled that the PC really has become a very personal computer.  To think we got through college with a typewriter!
Because the 24th and 25th were going to be crazy busy with attention paid mainly to church matters, we decided to have our own special little Christmas dinner that night.  I had some gift certificates from one of the wonderful food halls here in town so I went and picked up a rib roast...a rare treat here as the cost is out of our league on a normal day.  But it looked so wonderful in the case and I was happy to bring it home and consider how to make it taste delicious!  The evening fell and we prepared the meal together.  The meat turned out great and it was a feast!  Tanner definitely wanted in on it. In the end, he got a few bits, but let's just say my sweet husband let the carnivore in me devour the lion's share of that beef!  We enjoyed a beautiful bottle of wine that my folks had given us back in October when I was home and shared many warm feelings about the year that had gone and our current journey through Advent.  It was the perfect calm before the storm of the weekend and we both delighted in being able to sit quietly, just the two of us, at our kitchen table and take in the moment.