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Monday, December 13, 2010

Doug is Healing

Last week we ventured to the hospital for x-rays, a cast change and an update on all that is happening with the tibia and fibula of Doug.  It was kind of sweet as we had a little unplanned reunion with the guys who shared Doug's hospital room!  Lars, the older man with the broken ankle who doesn't live too far from us in town, and Josh, the professional hockey player from Canada now playing for one of Stockholm's teams.  We met up in the waiting room and the boys shared their war stories from the winter weather and lugging their casts around.  Then we could hear the Dr.'s talking to one another whilst all were in their little curtained rooms.  Finally, we ended up at physical therapy together!  Forever bound together by various accidents in the winter of 2010!  I did end up giving my card to the Canadian couple and invited them to our Christmas Eve service.  They might discard it, but then again, they might come.  We'll see.  It would be fun to see them again, at any rate, and it would be great to get to see Josh play hockey, but that is likely not going to happen during this season.  But I digress.
Henrik with his magic saw that cuts away the cast but not the leg!
Doug is doing great!  Everyone oooed and awed at how great they felt his scar looked.  The leg looks tender however and there is still a bit of healing to come. 
Getting the plaster cast off has been a big blessing and he's finally adjusting to his Robocop type of cast.  He can remove it to shower and sleep and while he's sitting or lying down, but any steps taken must still be supported by the boot.  No crutches anymore so that's a big help.  We really have appreciated each member of the staff at the hospital.  Henrik the cast guy is a wonderful person and all of the Drs. and nurses have been just super.
He wears this one through New Year's and then hopefully he'll be able to begin to rehab.  We did find out that another minor surgery awaits him mid-January to remove one of the pins holding the leg together at the moment.  They warned us that if he stepped too hard on the foot prematurely, that pin could break inside the leg and we'd be back to square one.  Sounds like one of the worst things I could imagine so we're emphasizing BEING CAREFUL! 
His progress has been excellent even though he would like to be doing more.  He gets around well and while tired at the end of big days, is successfully figuring it out.  I know he really misses being able to walk Tanner and I think we'll all be glad when we can resume that activity again.