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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Dazzling Beauty of a Stockholm Winter

We've had loads of snow this year, far more and earlier in the season than I ever remember in years past.  When it has finally quit snowing, the sun has decided to show its face for the few hours that it rises above the horizon at this time of year.  I have actually enjoyed the winter weather as the snow makes everything incredibly beautiful and the sunshine has helped guard against the darkness hemming me in. 
1.30 pm 
When Doug first broke his leg, I was rather dreading having to get the dog out all the time.  But truth be told, I've enjoyed building these outings into my schedule and have used the time to take in the beauty that surrounds me. I play Christmas music on my Ipod, I delight in Tanner's antics as he buries his head deep in the snow, flips over and makes his own brand of snow angel!  He's really such a great companion.
The light has been dazzling this year.  Every day I'm out, I see something different on the horizon.  The sharp angles of the sun cast an incredibly magical hue and while it doesn't last for long, I'm thankful that I've been out during the few hours it's happening. I continue to realize how important it is to drink in the sunshine.  My mood has been greatly helped by even the small glimpses of daylight we're getting.  During the times when rain and clouds dominate, when the sun doesn't bother to break through the landscape and it feels like daytime never came, it is really tough.  But this year, my walk through this Advent season has been enhanced by my beautiful walks in the woods with my dog.  
I feel the presence of God doing something special as I delight in his marvelous creation.  The small but brilliant light of the midday sun draws me nearer to light that is Christ that I'm seeking to walk towards each day.  We are about halfway through our Advent journey.  I hope yours is marked by the light that truly sustains.