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Monday, November 8, 2010

Ahhhhh Spa

One of Stockholm's greatest luxuries is Sturebadet and one fabulous perk of turning 50 is that people give you days at this great city spa.  There are a variety of treatments available and today I enjoyed a spa massage which is really so relaxing you wonder how you ever get off the table and walk again!  I love going to Sturebadet when the weather changes to cold and the light diminishes.  It so cozy and warm and comfortable.  Today was no exception.  I always go alone because, well, there's lots of nakedness (discreet and tasteful as men's and women's "naked areas" are separate) and I like to lose myself in the heat, water, and aromas of this lovely place without anyone I know hovering around me.  I love to bask in the Swedishness of it all and I do that best alone.  Of course, it's also a full service gym but somehow I gravitate to the steam room rather than the workout room.  After all, when I go there, it's to pamper myself!
I arrived out of the cold November day and quickly found my locker, put my things away, and went into the shower area.  They provide these delicious smelling shampoos, conditioners, lotions and body washes along with lovely Swedish designed showers that are so wonderful!  From there I head for the hot, hot steam room and sit in there until I'm stewed.  I force myself to take an ice cold shower and then I jump back into the steam room to get all tingly and warm again.  Can't you just feel the stress melting away?  From there, I wrapped up in my big, white, fluffy robe, took my book downstairs to the gorgeous pool area and relaxed on a chaise lounge until my  masseuse came and called my name to enter the massage room and receive my 50 minutes of total relaxation.  It's easily one of life's greatest pleasures...letting someone else take all the stress and tension out of your muscles.  When that hour is done, I find my way to the warm and cozy aromatherapy room and sit in there for another half hour taking in the warmth and the aroma.  Today I made a fatal mistake and accidentally took a naked shower in an area where clothing is required.  Luckily it was a female attendant who informed me and fortunately for me, the men had not started coming around yet!  Yikes and funny, really.  At last, I make my way back up to the women's locker room, jump into a cold shower, get all steamed out one more time, take one last shower, slather myself in lotion, put my clothes back on and walk home.  On the way home I felt positively renewed and rejuvenated, feeling like I had been cuddled and coddled all afternoon.  The Swedish of life's great pleasures.