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Monday, October 25, 2010

And Then There was a Party!

I love a party so when Friday rolled around and the preparations for the big 50th birthday celebration were finished, I was excited to see what the evening had in store for us.  Our dear friend Victoria catered the party and her food is so absolutely delicious everyone was happy!  I didn't get any photos of the food.  Too bad.  Trust me.  It was amazing.  Some of my book club friends came early to decorate and they did a nice job hanging black balloons and streamers throughout the house and scattering little 50's everywhere.  I'm pretty sure we'll be finding them throughout my entire 50th year!I had purchased a new dress for the grand affair and a pre-party photo shoot yielded some nice shots! My friend Sandra insisted that wear a 50 badge...she mentioned all royalty wear badges and then proceeded to crown me with own tiara.  Guests began to arrive and I felt the need to tell them that the crown wasn't my idea!  It was quite amazing to watch people from so many different aspects of my life arrive at the door!  They came bearing beautiful gifts and well wishes and my cup of friendship was running over.  After feasting on the glorious food, we began the program which was simply moving, funny and heartfelt. It all began with a "Jodi Quiz" that Doug had prepared. Some of the questions were a little outrageous but goofy fun was had by all trying to analyze my life!
Some of the gals from the American Women's Club sang a little re-write of Dancing Queen by ABBA.  Seemed terribly appropriate!  Very cute.  Jokes were made and then Doug began his portion of the evening!  After saying a lot of funny things, he started in on the heartfelt stuff.  He had written a couple of songs so he and Chris started in.  The first one was a re-write of an old song, but the second one was composed entirely by him and it was called She's Fabulous. I have tried and tried to upload the video and it's not working.  Sorry!  There were many moved to tears during this amazing performance.  It was so adorable and wonderful and just about everything I could ever hope for.  I gave a speech of thanksgiving and then it was time to eat cake!  I didn't get pictures of the cake but I did almost dumped the entire thing on its head goofing around trying to show off my biceps!  Luckily Victoria was at the ready and caught it before it made a giant mess on the floor!  Then people lingered and chatted and soon the evening was coming a close.  I felt so happy.  What an amazing effort by Doug.  How thrilling that one's friends would come and celebrate and find joy in it all.  How special to be gifted with flowers, days at the spa, beautiful scarves and make up kits, books, bags, dinners and clothing.  I'm savoring every minute of what I think is the greatest party of my life, after our wedding reception. outdid yourself this time honey. And I was the grateful recipient and I am so thankful to you and to all of my friends who made this evening an absolute joy.  You all eased me into my 50's and I could not be more thrilled to be alive amongst you all.