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Sunday, October 10, 2010

You Can Take Jodi Out of California, But...

You can't take California out of Jodi!  Funny that this jingle was from a cigarette television ad way back in the late 60's.  Anyone remember it?  You can take Salem out of the country, but you can't take the country out of Salem.  As if a cigarette really transported you to the countryside.  But I digress.
Here I am, two more days in California and it's been awesome as usual.  There are just some things about California that I love and long for and it is only by being here that those longings get sated.  So here are a few of my favorite things about the place I grew up.
I love the weather.  Duh.  It's hot and sunny day after day and even if the weather is a little bad, a day later it's great again.
 Trader Joe's.  Seriously, there is just no better store than Trader Joe's.  I harbor a secret desire to work there when I'm retired.  It's just such a fun place to browse and shop and they have great food and drink.  I bought this giant basil plant for $3.00 and have used its bounty almost every day since!
The desert landscape.  You got your mile high palm trees, your amazing mountains, the beautiful flowers, the weird and wonderful cacti, the piercing blue sky, the stunning sunrise and sunsets that turn the landscape lavender.
Listening to country music in the car.  What's there not to love about a music genre that sings about patriotism, women, beer, and lost loves?  It's such a funny slice of American life.  Just this afternoon, I heard a song about living in a trailer park.  No where on earth, I'm telling ya!
Shopping: Great outlets, TJMaxx, WalMart, SteinMart. DSW Shoe store.  Great prices, amazing selection. 
Swimming and tanning.  It's shallow and unhealthy, but I still love getting a good tan!  I love laying in the sun, lounging in the pool on a raft, snoozing and reading.  There's really just nothing more relaxing for me.
Jacuzzi.  I love the outdoor hot tub with the jets of water that sooth my muscles and provide restoration.  Sitting out there at night under a star lit sky is pretty special.  Haven't done that on this trip.  More fun with Doug than alone!
Grilled steak.  My dad grills the best ribeye around and we usually indulge in this tasty dinner at least a few times.  Love it every time.  My favorite food.
Del Taco.  One of my most favorite fast food places, the tacos and burritos are hard to beat.  It's cheap and good and we wish there was one near our house in Stockholm.
Of course, anywhere you go on holiday is special, but for me, being in California is wonderful.  I have come to love the desert and the Palm Springs community and my dream is to retire out here eventually.  There's just something about being here that calms my spirit and brings me joy.  I am so thankful that my parents live in this beautiful place.  It's always great to see them, but it's a special bonus that they live in the place I call heaven on earth.