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Thursday, August 19, 2010

There's Something About a View

The view from our porch
Another view from our porch
The view from behind our cottage
Our Swiss holiday is providing us with one breathtaking view after another.  It's amazing to drive on the windy mountains roads and come to a place where the entire valley opens up before you eyes.  It's really something special when you turn a corner and the peaks and rock faces of the Alps rise up majestically around you.  A grand view puts things into perspective, allows you to consider that life is so much bigger than your little viewpoint.   The vastness of a sprawling view soothes the soul and brings a sense of calm and wonder to my life.  I am so thankful for these days in the mountains where every morning I'm treated to a wonderful view out my kitchen windows.
Last night after dinner, I decided to walk up the hill to see what lurked above our cottage.  I wasn't disappointed as the evening sunset was wild with pink and the setting sun was casting a magical light on some of the mountain peaks. 
The last shots of a beautiful day
I sit here now considering the day ahead, wondering what we'll be doing but confident that awe-inspiring views will be a part of it and I am thankful.