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Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Friend Chris Got Married

On Saturday, 24 July 2010 our dear friend and colleague Chris Peterson got married. We were co-officiants and it was a special day.

Us with Chris at the rehearsal.
Other than our parents and siblings, Chris is likely the closest thing to blood relative we have on earth...I'm too young to be his mother and yet there are enough years between us that older sister seems unlikely as well...suffice to say, he feels like family to us so it was meaningful to be involved in his special day. Of course weddings are great and you are always happy for the couple and the love between Hanna and Chris was obvious, but in my opinion, the real stars of this day were the members of our church. The International fellowship, along with members of Hanna's church, put together a grand affair for the newlyweds. They made all the food that came from every corner of the world, the youth served and worked very hard as a kind of thank you to Chris for the ways he's poured into their lives through the years, and the blending of traditions and cultures from across the globe created an amazing atmosphere in which Hanna and Chris could begin their journey as husband and wife.
Dances from various countries were performed and participated in, a Nigerian band led us in some great music, and everyone ate to their hearts' content. Now when I say everyone, I mean all 500 plus of the guests that attended!

A glimpse of the wildly full sanctuary, all present to celebrate this special union.
This was one for the ages and seriously, I was so happy to be a part of it all. To see the ways in which our fellowship served Chris, went all out for him to give him a day that he would always remember was deeply touching to me. To see the church in action, loving one of their own, making sacrifices of time, money, and energy was a tremendous blessing to us as pastors of the church. Our church is a serving church and this was never so obvious than on the day of Pastor Chris's wedding.
I was happy that I got through the wedding without tears! My voice cracked a wee little bit when I pronounced them husband and wife, but then the place erupted with shouts of joy and applause for at least 3 minutes so I had a moment to gather myself and finish what I saying! It was a beautiful ceremony that was quite reflective of Chris and Hanna, and also honored the place that God holds in their lives.
It was also great fun to have so many from Chris' family and close friends around for the days before and after the wedding as we have known his parents and brother and sister in law for many years.

Chris' mom and good friend of his and mine Kari Johnson. We had fun before and after the wedding!
It was truly a great time of coming together around a joy-filled event and enjoying it all together.
We wish Chris and Hanna much joy in their marital journey and we are forever grateful that we were chosen to be a part of it all.