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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lausanne and Good Friends

The rooftops of Lausanne
One of the reasons that we went to Lausanne was because of my dear friend Madeleine.  She grew up there and she is now a member of our church and her family has become very dear to us.  They have three wonderful children who we have come to really love as well.  So you can imagine how surprised and delighted we were when my cell phone rang and it was Helen, their oldest daughter, letting us know that she and William were still in town!  Of course, Lausanne is a second home to them as their grandparents live there.  In fact, they are there finishing up a French course, and heading back to Stockholm next week! What fun to run into friends from another place in a new place! 
William and I on the shores of Lake Geneva!
The lovely Cathedral of Lausanne, high on a hill!
We were so glad to run into them as William helped us with the Metro, lead us through the windy, hilly streets to the cathedral and helped us order delicious ice cream all in French! After a bit, Helen was able to join us and we enjoyed a warm reunion, even though it was very short. 
William and Helen...great kids who we were so thankful to run into! was great fun to see these dear friends and to share in a "small world" moment with them.  We look forward to being with them in Stockholm soon!