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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

From the Grid to Solar

Today was a big day. We had our solar panels installed. Minutes after they were activated we were generating power back to the grid. This is one of the most exciting decisions we've ever made. After paying our electric bill all summer, it wasn't really that hard of a choice. Especially since we live in a place where the sun shines approximately 350 days a year!
The crew arrived at 7.30 and the noise began almost immediately. Lots of drilling. But 6.5 hours later the panels are in and we are already sending power back to the grid. I cannot wait until we get our next electric bill. Usually I am waiting for our electric bill with fear and trepidation. Not anymore. We are no longer dependent on the ups and downs of the electric company. We are guaranteed that our electric bill will not exceed $10.00/month and in most cases, it'll be even lower.Guaranteed. That is peace of mind. Doesn't matter to us anymore what the electric company does to rates. We are no longer dependent.
We were particularly lucky with the way our roof sits. We get sunshine all day so needed quite a few less panels than we originally expected. And you cannot even see the panels from the front of the house.
Beyond the economic savings, we are genuinely excited to be able to lessen our footprint and use a source of power that the good Lord provides for us. 
I never thought I'd get so excited about something as mundane as electricity. But we need a/c out here all summer long. We want to add a hot tub down the road and that won't jack our power bill. And we are doing something that is good for our earth. I'm thankful we have the means and the opportunity to take advantage of this good and important product. 
If you live in California and are interested in hearing more about experience, we'd be happy to talk with you. We thought that Horizon Solar gave us an excellent offer, lower than all others, and the service has been great. My love affair with the sun just went a bit deeper!