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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Backyard Beautification

Our project list continues to be whittled away at and the latest update involves the back wall of our property along with upgraded chaise lounges.
The back wall along our property has this lovely shelf upon which sat horrible plants. We had them ripped out and have finally decided upon the scheme we wanted to replace them. After much pondering we landed at a beautiful combination of Tacoma (yellow), Duranto (purple) and Jasmine (white). I was quick to point out to Doug that these are Laker colors to which he quickly responded, "Vikings". Touchè. We're both happy. 
It will be delightful to watch this row of plants grow up. The color they will provide to the back of our property will be just lovely. This is the last of the big planting projects. Whew. It's been a busy season of landscaping.
The other project was repairing our lawn chairs. Outdoor furniture is ridiculously over-priced in our humble estimation so when we found these metal chaise lounges on Craig's list for $100.00 we snapped them right up. Those frames alone can run well above $200 a piece. The straps were busted out and upon looking around for solutions, Doug discovered a great solution that was much easier than re-strapping the chairs. He purchased wooden slates for a bed. Cut them into the right size and fastened them with bolts and clips usually used with PVC pipes. With the purchase of spray paint that adheres to metal, we were able to erase the pinkish hue on the frames and turn them into a lovely tan. The last step was choosing the cushions. I love what we picked! The color palette fits in great with our backyard and the thickness of the cushions ensures a comfortable spot for lounging and star-gazing.
The only things missing at this point are an outdoor fire pit, which is coming soon and of course, finding Tanner relaxing on his favorite lounger.
We may not have allowed him on the new cushions anyway.
But we still wish he was hanging out with us.