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Saturday, January 9, 2016


On our last full day in Italy the sun came out and we decided to take a boat trip over to the island of Capri. We decided that we should wear Capris on our way to Capri.
Known as a glamorous spot for the rich and famous, it was easy to see why it has gained that reputation!
The season is definitely coming to a close so many hotels were already closed and there were not too many shops open.
Even so, it was delightful to wander the narrow alleyways, take in the lovely views and enjoy a little sunshine on our faces!
The boat ride over was only 30 minutes but it was a pretty treacherous bucking bronco ride which led to the second time during the week that motion sickness was an issue for me. Several people actually threw up. Fortunately I was able to watch the horizon, breath deeply and keep it together. I was extremely happy to dock!
The town of Capri sits high above the harbor so if you don't want a straight uphill hoof, you could either take a bus or a funicular to the center of town.
We chose the funicular and we were glad we did. It was a really steep ride to the top.
When we first got off, the wind was cold. We were freezing and hoping that the day would warm up! Fortunately we finally got to the sunny side of the island and it was much more comfortable! 
The other town on the island is Anacapri. We jumped on a bus and took a serpentine ride to the center of this quaint little area.
Strangely enough, there are no sea views from this town even though it is perched high above the coast. We wandered down the main path, looked at a couple of the significant places, learned that the Swedish royal family has stayed in one of the spots, and stopped for lunch.
I had to have a caprese salad. It is my favorite salad of all time and where better to have it than its namesake island. It was my last one and it was delicious. 
One of the churches had one of the most beautiful baptismal fonts I've ever seen.
Right next to it was an impressive statue of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus. Very cool.
Soon enough it was time for us to catch a bus back to the marina. We still had some time to kill before the boat left so we wandered around the marina, taking in the views.
The water color was so breathtaking.
The most well-known attraction on the island is the blue grotto. Unfortunately it was closed due to the winter season but the color of the water surrounding the shoreline revealed how beautiful it must be. Finally, we could see Vesuvius!
It had been shrouded in clouds for the entire week so we were glad to see that it really does exist! 
I was a bit bored whilst waiting so decided to practice my selfie techniques. Here is a sampling!
The ride back was much smoother. I even stood in the open air on the top part of the boat and soaked in the beauty of the Amalfi coastline.
Pulling back into Sorrento at dusk was a treat. Fun to catch a view of the entire marina and appreciate the beauty of this lovely little spot.
I really loved seeing this fisherman sitting on the dock trying to catch his evening meal.
That night we returned to our favorite restaurant and indulged in Fetticine Alfredo and one last pizza. I finished off my meal with a shot of limoncello, the area's signature liqueur.
It was raining when we finished. We still took a stroll. Still ate one last gelato. Still marveled in the beauty of this little spot on the Italian coastline.
Our final day was truly a beauty and we enjoyed every minute of it.