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Monday, January 4, 2016

An Easy Day in Sorrento

Doug woke up with a horrible cold and the weather was really not very beckoning so we felt a lazy day in town would probably be good for us. I did manage to muster the energy to get in a 30 minute run and caught a nice view along the way. 
Having eaten far too much the previous night, we decided to wander through town and merely snack our way through the midday meal. Gelato, olives, cheese, prosecco...not a bad way to sate one's hunger! The gelato was the best yet from Raki, a place that got high marks on the Internet. This chocolate/coffee combo hit the spot! And the server prepared it with great flair!
After watching a movie in our room, Doug actually felt like eating some real food so we wandered down to the pizzeria that our hotel owner had recommended. Remarkably, I had been here 8 years ago and it was really good all over again.
Very much a local, family hang out place, the tables were big picnic style tables and the mood was light.
I needed some green salad in my system but we made the mistake of ordering two salads and two pizzas given the overall size of things. I ate all of my salad but only half the pizza. There really is a limit to how much dough and mozzarella one can stomach! 
We've taken to the local custom of strolling through town after eating. We had seen a very posh hotel earlier that we wanted to check out so decided to wander through the grounds to see how the other half lives. WOW, I could seriously splurge on this one. The Excelsior Vittoria is a hotel like few others. 
This is the walkway that leads down to the grounds. Every tree and all of the gardens were tastefully decorated with white lights and the main building had light shining on it that emulated snowfall. Magic I'm telling you! That big tree was also just majestic.
The interiors were just stunning and photographs of famous people adorned the walls giving a clear indication of who is it that is lucky enough to stay here! I can only imagine what it's like in the summer time! 
This one made me wish we had a deck of cards with us so we could sit down and play!
And the grand stairwell lends new meaning to the word grand!
 We will definitely wander back during the day as you could see that the grounds were just magnificent as well.
It would be very fun to stay in a place like this sometime!
One funny thing we saw was a nativity that had Swedish "julbocker", the straw goats, surrounding it.
 I kind of wonder where they got that idea! was a day filled with no big agenda that continued to delight our senses. Doug's cold is perhaps a bit better. We're hooping that the shot of limoncello might help in the healing process. Tomorrow, Pompeii!