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Monday, December 28, 2015

It's Christmas Time in the City

We've delighted in some wonderful Christmas days here in London-town.
The tree at Covent Garden
We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas eve service at our church followed by good fun with friends. Their 6 & 8 year old boys were particularly entertaining and it was the perfect way to spend Christmas Eve.
Even Tanner got a new toy!
Christmas morning we had a proper lie in, exchanged some nice gifts, and relaxed for the better part of the day.
The crowns from our Christmas Crackers!
That evening we were invited to another set of friends for a beautiful Christmas dinner. Everything was picture perfect and we had such a lovely time chatting with their two boys (14 & 20) and them.
Unfortunately a bad cold kept me under the weather for Boxing Day but we did manage to venture out to a very cool theater, complete with couches, foot rests and food and wine delivered to your seat, to see the latest and greatest Star Wars. Good fun for sure!
But today we managed to take in a bit more of the London Christmas atmosphere. Needed to return a sweater for Doug at TK Maxx (yes, K here not J. No one knows why, exact same concept and store) and we hadn't gotten over to the Covent Garden area of town during Christmas and Doug had given me a selfie stick for Christmas so I wanted to test it out!
An early selfie!
Covent Garden is so quintessentially London no matter the time of year but all decorated for Christmas made it especially charming. Giant clusters of mistletoe hung from the covered market ceiling and a giant silver reindeer pulling a sleigh sat watch over the entrance. Street performers, buskers, and loads of people were milling about. From there we wandered over to Trafalgar Square to catch a glimpse of the Norwegian pine Christmas tree that Norway has donated to England every year since WWII. The view from just in front of the National Gallery is so spectacular and as dusk fell and the lights on Big Ben's face illuminated, it was kind of one of those, wow, I'm in London moments! It's always a treat to see St. Martin's in the Field, a church that has long been known for its commitment to social concerns. I was fondly remembering when a good friend and I flew over to London to hear a beloved seminary professor, Burton Nelson, give a lecture there back in 1999.
So today was just a great day wandering around London with no big agenda.
I will drive my sweet husband crazy wanting to take selfies now!
That's part of the fun of living here...just being able to take in the city and sights without scurrying about trying to cram it all in in just a few days time.