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Monday, September 21, 2015

Tanner's First Visit to the Vet in London

A couple of weeks ago Tanner's left eye began looking a little dodgy. We thought it was a sty that might clear up but the opposite happened and it got worse. So we had to figure out where a good vet would be. Fortunately some folks from church who live close to us made a good recommendation for the Royal Veterinarian Hospital, not too far from where we live. Unfortunately, it was the rainiest day we've had to date in London so dragging the dog out and taking a bus while trying to find a new place was not the easiest thing. Fortunately we were very happy with the reception area of the hospital and everyone was just lovely.
When I made the appointment they requested that we get our records from the Swedish vet. I had to laugh when I read the comments. Tanner is a very lively dog but nice anyway. He can need help being restrained! It was a Swedish and polite way of saying that Tanner is a complete psycho dog when he's here but clearly a sweetheart most of the time!
The new vet and senior vet student were both fantastic. Tanner was OK...a little unsure but overall a good boy. The initial diagnosis is conjunctivitis so I hope the drops they gave us will help. It's looking a bit better but slower healing than I wanted. There are so many new things he's being exposed to that I wonder if there's a plant in our back yard that is aggravating it. He was supposed to wear the cone of shame to prevent him from scratching at it, but it's hard to make him wear it. I suppose we should be more vigilant about it. we left the office, it was chucking down buckets of rain. We waited for the bus for a long time but when it finally arrived it was packed and there was no way we were going to try to squeeze into that crowd with a 42 kilo wet dog! So we decided to start walking and hope to catch a different bus or hail a cab. We were highly unsuccessful getting a cab but we eventually found a bus. Fortunately it was not too crowded and we had a fairly calm ride home. We were happy to discover that our rain coats from LLBean kept even this horrible rain out so we feel duly prepared for anything London will throw at us!
Tanner does our garden and enjoys being outside so much. I truly hope there isn't something out there that is causing him trouble.
Tanner has found a new throne upon which to rest when indoors. He doesn't behave any differently and still has his usual energy so hopefully this too shall pass without facing a more difficult diagnosis.